May the Gods Ski with You
Ski mountaineering & other tales from a place
where the Gods, the sky, the sea and the snow
meet with the mortals


In November of 2012, on the occasion of the creation of Christos Tsoutsias' and Pavlos Tsiantos' film "May the Gods ski with you" was created a mini edition in Mike Styllas' texts to promote Mt. Olympus and the film in the official premier at the International Mountain Film Festival of Grenoble. The presentation begins from the first ascent on Mount Olympus in 1913 and reaches today describing the course of ski mountaineering on the Gods' mountain. There are references to the internationally renowned skiers visited Olympus and references to mythology, geology, flora and fauna.



Copywriting - Authorship: Mike Styllas
Design: Shift visual communication
Production: GO Experience