GO EXPERIENCE promotes sports and activities that take place in nature. We aim to capture the human spirit, the majesty of the mountains, as well as the challenge of the outdoor activities.

The concept of GO EXPERIENCE was conceived within “GO Mountain Running Photos” (GO-MRP) a photography company which, in collaboration with outdoor event organizers, engages in the official photography of races and compiles photographic material accessible to participants, event organizers, and the media. Since 2007 to 2012, GO-MRP successfully worked exclusively with major organizers of Mountain Running Races in Greece, such as Olympus Marathon, Olympus Alpine Marathon, Rodopi Ultra Trail, Virgin Forest Trail, Sfendami Mountain Festival, Ziria Cross Country Race, Taygetos Challenge, and Zagori Mountain Running. While covering those races, GO-MRP cooperated effectively with other event organizers who also had a common interest in the mountains. Such projects include Mountain Bike Races (SMF), Downhill Bike Races, Ski Mountaineering Races (Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing), and Rock-Climbing Events (1st The North Face® Kalymnos Climbing Festival).

In 2010 and 2011, we covered two separate expeditions in Nepal in order to provide both photographic and journalistic coverage of the “Solu Khumbu Trail” race to the Greek running community. We followed the first Greek man and woman, respectively, who took part in one of the most demanding races worldwide: 15 days race in stages, 300 kilometers / 5,500 meters elevation. In the winter of 2012, GO GO EXPERIENCE captured and documented Slovene extreme skier Davo Karnicar’s descent of Greece’s highest mountain, Mount Olympus.  
  In June of 2012, Salomon Hellas assigned to GO EXPERIENCE  to cover exclusively for Greece the two-day “Kilians' Classik” event, held in Font Romeu, France. The project required a daily report of the events, interviews, happenings and photographing various activities that was published through www.mountainaction.info.

GO EXPERIENCE involves, besides photography, with video productions. The first complete production consisted of the creation of 2 web episodes and 1 web video-trailer whose purpose was to memorialize and promote the “1st The North Face® Kalymnos Climbing Festival”. The project was well accepted both by the Greek and the foreign climbing community as it was successfully promoted on Greek TV and through the Internet. Additionally there was created a video series for The North Face® Explorers' Society competition, entitled "The North Face® Secret Camps". Those videos were about a number of trip series in secret destinations around Greece through which the lucky participants have the opportunity to live a unique adventure.

The future plans include a series of videos featuring outdoor activities, traversing, rock & ice climbing, triathlon races, which occur in various parts of Greece, such as the Rodopi Mountains National Park, Mount Olympus, Meteora, Pindos Mountain range, and Crete.

GO EXPERIENCE besides photography and video services provides integrated web & graphic design services. In collaboration with SHIFT DESIGN (visual communication services) & FEDENT (web & applications development company) we design campaigns using print and interactive marketing tools that are tailored to the client's needs. 


In July of 2012, Babis Giritziotis developed "GO EXPERIENCE", a team of people who not only pursue photography, but also provides integrated promotional services through outdoor activities videos, websites and graphic design projects.

His work as a professional photographer began in 2001, with his employment at a mass circulation newspaper. In 2003, he started freelancing for a variety of national newspapers, travel magazines and publishers, traveling on assignment to various countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. In 2006, he decided to return to Thessaloniki where he worked as a photojournalist for the Athens News Agency and continued his freelance work and travels for various magazines and newspapers.

In 2007 his reporting on a mountain running race sparked his decision to create a photography team called "GO Mountain Running Photos" (www.go-mrp.com) with the main goal of covering mountain races in Greece and abroad. From then on, he specialized exclusively in the photography of sports and other outdoor activities, and successfully collaborated with major event organizers and well-known companies in the outdoor activities market. He combined his photojournalism experience with his passion for the outdoors to create a distinct style of action photography in Greece.
  His photos aim to capture the moment in time, the emotions and physical effort of the athletes and the essence of the natural environment where the activity transpires. His style leaves the athlete with images that offer a personalized experience of the race, while providing to the event organizers and sponsors with a documented story of the event.

In 2010 and 2011, Babis Giritziotis covered two separate expeditions in Nepal in order to provide both photographic and journalistic coverage of the “Solu Khumbu Trail” to the Greek running community. He followed the first Greek man and first Greek woman, Nikos Kalofyris & Natalia Papounidou respectively, who took part in one of the most demanding races worldwide: 15 days race in stages, 300 kilometers distance and an elevation that reaches 5,500 meters. In the winter of 2012, he exclusively photographed Slovene extreme skier Davo Karnicar's descent of Greece's highest mountain, Mount Olympus. In June of 2012, Salomon Hellas invited him to be the exclusive photographer from Greece at the two-day event "Kilian's Classik", held in Font Romeu, France.

As the GO EXPERIENCEs' founder is not only the man behind the camera but also the man behind all of the projects needs.